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A product design venture that took us on a ride which is still ongoing, we handcrafted every minute detail of this venture and left no stone unturned in creating products that were creatively satisfactory. Quirky illustrations, hand picked fabric, buttons, rivets, hand bound books, photo shoots, beautifully packaged product, marketing campaign and lots and lots of love from our wonderful buyers and their satisfactory smile this little venture gave us all of that.

Artboard 2.jpg

Quirky. Quirky. Quirky.

The venture started by putting up a little stall in a College Fest, brain child of Three aspiring Architects at the time, Parth Batavia, Riddhesh Ghadi and Karan Mehta, who just wanted to breathe a little, stepping aside from architecture for a moment and make products that were Graphically refreshing and delicately designed.

Inspired by the vibrant Ghats of Varanasi, we aimed to capture those colors, bold portraits, and magical evenings in our illustrated series, which resulted in quirky prints for our products.


The Tote. The Bag. 

Our first product was a three way tote, designed to match the various needs of the user and the product is adaptable to those needs. Crafted by a brilliant local tailor who was patient enough to appreciate our numerous iterations, after going through various buttons, rivets, ropes and fabrics, we created this adaptable three way tote.


The Square. The Strip. 

Avoiding any waste was one other key factor of Gammat Products, Initially wanting to create an A4 square sketchbook left too good to go strips of paper which were then upcycled and the Strip sketchbook was created. All the sketchbooks were equally loved and hand bound by us, making sure it matches the Gammat Quality. 

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