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The toughest part of the internship was controlling myself while working with delicious macro shots of chef-made dishes. Beyond that, it was about letting your creativity flow and telling stories through fun colors and vibrant food images while devouring brilliant vegan food. Working under brilliant Aliza De Lima and Head of Creative Katie McLurg, was an amazing experience and made the pandemic a little creative and added a different perspective as a Designer.


*All content displayed is property of ALLPLANTS*

Drama. Drama. Drama.

"Ask a vegan?" series talks about various questions surrounding Veganism. The headers designed for the blog post plays with the dramatic nuances of these questions and presents an interesting narrative. 

User Generated Content

Waking up to a box delivered by Allpalnts and creating videos about the experience could be the best work from home day. 

Ellie Unearths

The ethics of the brand revolves around its sustainability work and it thrives on coming up with new sustainable initiatives that, reinforce its core values, the following is work done for one of such initiatives which were to create headers for the sustainability blog posts. 

Ellie Unearths Infographics

Complementing the informative blogs on the impacts of human consumption on the planet, the infographic series was created to amplify the message.

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