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The Devourer's World

In a world where the shadow toilers work endlessly, dreaming of the comfortable lives of the capsule people, everything is not as it seems... For this is the devourers world. The story is inspired by the Kafkaesque world and comments on the capitalist system of the world which doesn't seem that different from ours. 

devourers world3.png

Character Sheet.

Devourer's Hand Gestures.

Capsule people Transforming.

Style frame

The first art concept created for the film gave a clear idea for the animated short film to have a single bottom-to-top panoramic camera.

Story & Direction: Karan Mehta

Producer: Milda Stasaitytė

Animation: Milda Stasaitytė, Karan Mehta, Ruby Mortlock

Coloring: Milda Stasaitytė, Ruby Mortlock

Sound Design: Karan Mehta

Soundtrack: Cyro Chambers

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